Damaged Wiper Blades Can Lead To A Damaged Windshield

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When wiper blades show signs of wear and tear, it is a good idea to replace them as soon as possible. When vehicle owners fail to replace worn blades, wiper blade replacement becomes one repair they must perform. The scratches and other damages caused by these blades will also prompt the need for windshield repairs. Learn more about the damage that worn blades can leave behind on your windshield.

Risk for Cracking

One possible consequence of damaged wiper blades is a cracked windshield. As the rubber coating on the blades wears down, the metal surface of the blades begins to make contact with the glass. This contact will often lead to the formation of tiny scratches. Over time, stress on these scratches can lead to cracks. 

For example, rain or other moisture can collect inside the scratches and freeze during the winter. The formed ice will cause the scratch to expand, putting extra pressure on the glass, which can cause a crack. If the metal on your blades is making contact with the glass, you should have your windshield inspected for scratches or cracks and repaired promptly.

Reduced Visibility

Even if you are fortunate to avoid a crack in your windshield, you will likely experience some level of reduced visibility. Scratches caused by worn wiper blades can create a streaking effect on the glass.

Instead of a clear, unobstructed view through the windshield, you might experience a cloudy-like appearance. Anything that limits your ability to see presents a severe risk to your safety and to other motorists on the road. If you detect any issue with visibility, you should make an appointment to have your windshield repaired as soon as possible.

Altered Light Reflection

Windshield damage from an issue with your wiper blades may also alter how light reflects off the glass. Windshield glass is formulated to reflect glass evenly, so reflective issues are generally not a problem. However, a scratch in the glass creates a point for light to bounce off and reflect unevenly. 

When operating a vehicle at night, this altered light reflection becomes especially noticeable, and for some people, it can make it challenging to drive the vehicle with a clear view. Like reduced visibility, this problem warrants immediate repairs.  

If you detect any of these issues with your windshield, contact a professional for windshield repairs as soon as possible, and be sure to have your blades replaced to avoid a similar problem in the future.