Wheel Alignments Could Address Serious Dangers

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Wheel alignments reflect routine service that car owners should not ignore. However, an owner might not prioritize wheel alignments, unlike tire rotations, brake inspections, and oil changes. Often, a driver doesn't know that the wheels are out of alignment even though the vehicle's performance more than hints a problem's present. Knowing the signs of wheel alignment troubles and taking care of the issue without delay could improve safety and reduce some ownership costs.

Wheel and Tire Angles 

Vehicles have three top alignment angles in their wheels:

The manufacturer sets the angles supporting the wheels and tires' connection with the road. When a vehicle hits an object in the road or even the curb, the wheel angles could become misaligned. Problems might then arise with the vehicle's performance and handling.

Tire Woes

A common worry about misaligned wheels is that tires could wear out prematurely. Premature wear undermines safety, as low treads could mean reduced traction. If the tires lose traction, a car might skid, leading to a crash. The tires could suffer a blowout, another scenario where an accident might occur.

Performance Troubles

Drivers must do more than follow traffic laws when hoping to avoid collisions. Taking steps to ensure their vehicle is free from mechanical woes could help. Drivers typically understand that driving on worn brakes increases the risks of a crash dramatically, but they might not realize how potentially dangerous misaligned wheels are. Misaligned wheels won't perform as well as ones that are in proper alignment, making misaligned wheels dangerous.

Accident Risks

Misaligned wheels could cause a vehicle to pull, possibly moving it out of its lane. Hitting another car may be an unfortunate consequence of not keeping the vehicle stable and in its lane. However, doing so becomes challenging when mechanical issues make steering and controlling the car harder. Be aware things could become even more dangerous when traveling at high speeds.

Getting Wheel Alignment Services Performed

Following the guidelines seems advisable if the owner's manual suggests getting a wheel alignment performed at a specific time. However, it wouldn't hurt to have the technicians check the wheels and tires when performing routine service. Asking the technician to measure the wheel angles during a tire or brake inspection may catch a problem at an early stage. Catching things early could prevent premature tire wear and, hopefully, address any dangers that misaligned wheels and worn tires could present.

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