Auto Repair: 4 Reasons You Shouldn'T Ignore Your Car's Check Engine Light

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You could be driving on the highway, minding your business, only to see a check engine warning on the dashboard. As a cautious car owner and driver, you will likely get concerned and try to find a quick solution. But what could be wrong with your engine or vehicle? Does it need a repair service? Could it be a huge problem? The light is your car's way of alerting you of an impending problem. Therefore, you must take the car to an auto repair specialist for further diagnosis. The following are reasons you shouldn't ignore the alert.

1. Defective Fuel Filler Cap

One of the issues that could be triggering the light is a defective gas cap. However, you'd still need to have the auto repair specialist confirm the problem and check for other underlying issues. When a gas cap goes missing or becomes defective, it may allow gas fumes to escape the fuel system. This causes incomplete burning of fuel, which eventually affects your engine's performance. You may also notice inconsistent gas consumption. The specialist will help you replace the cap to seal your fuel system.

2. Malfunctioning Spark Wires and Plugs

Worn-out or defective ignition plugs can lead to a warning light. The spark plugs and wires are part of your car's ignition system, which is responsible for getting your engine up and running. Therefore, it might be time to head to the auto repair store if it's been a long time since you changed or checked the plugs.

3. Broken Oxygen Sensor

Your vehicle comprises numerous complex systems. Some have a system that measures the unburned gas in your car's exhaust. The amount of unburned oxygen has to be just right, or it could lead to huge engine failure. The oxygen sensor is responsible for gauging gas levels. A faulty sensor will automatically send a signal that something is wrong. The malfunction indicator light is likely to turn on. If it does, take your vehicle to the repair technician for further diagnosis.

4. Damaged Catalytic Converter

The car engine light could turn on due to the catalytic converter problems. This is a crucial part of the exhaust system, often tasked with exchanging harmful byproducts of the burned fuel, like carbon monoxide, for less harmful gases or water vapor. Your auto repair specialist will help you find a replacement.

If the dashboard light turns on, do not panic. These are some reasons that might explain the warning light. An auto repair technician can identify the source of the problem and find a practical solution.

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