3 Reasons To Consider Used Snow Tires This Winter

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It's easy to overlook used tires as a more affordable option when buying new tires for your car. While buying used means that you'll get slightly less life from your tires, you can often save enough money that used tires will still be a better investment in the long run. As a result, choosing the right set of used tires can mean getting a great performance at a much lower cost.

However, used tires are more than just a good option for buying new ones when your old tires wear out. As temperatures drop, used snow tires can often be an even better investment. If you haven't considered buying a set of used snow tires before, check out these three reasons why they may be a more affordable option to improve your car's winter safety. 

1. Snow Tires Provide Drastically Better Performance

Despite the name, all-season tires are a compromise. While these tires can get you through some light dusting of snow, they lack the performance of dedicated winter tires and may be unsafe in severe conditions. Unfortunately, snow tires can also be expensive, and the cost of purchasing a second set of tires is prohibitive for many people.

If buying four new snow tires is more than your budget can bear, a set of four used winter tires may be the perfect solution. You'll save money compared to a set of new tires while still getting all the winter performance of dedicated snow tires. This approach is a budget-friendly way to ensure you can safely tackle any road conditions this winter.

2. You May Drive Less

Most Americans drive less during the winter. If you have a good set of summer or all-season tires on your car, you'll only need to keep your snow tires mounted during the coldest parts of the year, when snow is most likely in your area. For many parts of the country, that may mean you only need to use your winter tires for a few months every year.

Since you're putting fewer miles on your car during this period, your winter tires will likely last much longer than the tires you use during the summer, fall, and spring. In other words, even used tires with some tread wear will likely last several seasons. You can get years of safe winter driving from a used set of snow tires for a relatively low price.

3. Winter Roads Are Harsher

It's no secret that many roads in the United States are less than pleasant over the winter months. Potholes, cracks, and other issues become more common due to rapid temperature fluctuations, leading to a much higher likelihood of tire and wheel damage. A dedicated set of winter tires and wheels can help protect your more expensive summer or all-season tires from these conditions.

By buying cheaper used tires, you'll also hedge against this damage. Instead of needing to patch or replace your more expensive general-purpose tires, you'll only need to worry about damage to a cheaper set of winter tires. This strategy can save you money and keep you safer, all while protecting your more expensive warm-weather tires and wheels. 

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