Why Do Cars Start Getting Poor Gas Mileage?

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If your car used to get great gas mileage, you might wonder why it doesn't anymore. In fact, you might want to bring your car to an auto repair shop to have them inspect your vehicle. After all, a vehicle shouldn't start experiencing poor fuel economy. If it does, it indicates a problem. But what causes this to happen? An auto repair shop can examine your vehicle to determine the causes. Then, they'll fix it. Here is a guide to help you know what might cause this problem. 

Dirty air filter

First, your car might have a dirty air filter. You don't have to change this air filter often, but you might need a new one every year. The air filter serves a vital role in your engine's operations, and a dirty air filter impedes this process. When their air filter is dirty, it prevents air from flowing freely through the filter. As a result, your engine won't get enough airflow if you have a dirty air filter. Therefore, an auto repair shop will check this and replace it if necessary.

Bad fuel injectors

Most vehicles have fuel injectors, which assist with your engine's operations. However, a bad fuel injector can't serve its role properly. The fuel injectors assist with mixing fuel and air. A clogged or bad one won't do this accurately, causing your car to burn more gas than necessary.

Bad O2 sensor

One of the most common causes of poor fuel economy is a bad O2 sensor. This sensor is a small and inexpensive part, yet it has a crucial role. It also assists with mixing air with fuel. If this sensor isn't working properly, it can cause your vehicle to use more gas than it should.

Tire and wheel problems

Most people don't realize the correlation between their fuel mileage and their car's tires and wheels. However, there is a connection. For example, underinflated tires cause your car to burn more gas. Whereas properly inflated tires improve your car's gas mileage. Bad wheels, such as bent ones, also impede your car's fuel mileage. As a result, an auto mechanic will check these things to ensure they're working properly.

Contact an auto repair shop

If your car isn't operating efficiently, you might have one of these problems. You can find out by contacting a local auto repair shop to schedule an appointment to let them inspect your vehicle.