Information About Transmission Servicing

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You have certain responsibilities when you own a car. One of those is to make sure your car is properly serviced, so you can trust it to run properly and offer you dependable transportation. The transmission is important to your car, and it is something that can end up with very expensive repair needs if it is neglected. This is why transmission servicing is so important, and you can learn more about it below.  

A number of things are done during transmission servicing

When you take your car in for transmission servicing, there are several things that will be done to check the condition of the transmission and to ensure it is properly taken care of. Some of the things that will be done during a transmission servicing include: 

Checking the transmission fluid — One of the things that get checked during transmission servicing is the transmission fluid. They will check the color, smell, and consistency of the fluid to make sure that it doesn't show signs of issues. If the fluid is clear and red, then this is a good indication that things are in good condition as far as that area is concerned. Also, they will verify that there aren't any transmission fluid leaks. 

Do a lift inspection — A lift inspection is done as well. This is where the car is put on a car lift and lifted in the air. This allows the technician to get underneath the vehicle, where they can get a good look at the transmission. They will check things like the mounts, modulators, throttle linkage, U-joints, and other areas to make sure they don't spot any problems that need attention. 

A pan inspection — The pan is also inspected during transmission servicing. When looking at the pan, things like finding an excessive amount of materials in the pan can let them know that there may be something serious going on with the transmission. 

Giving it a driving test — The technician will give the car a stationary test, so they can look for any transmission problems while the car is running. They will also give it a driving test and this can help them to see how the transmission performs while the car is on the road, going at different speeds. They will pay attention to things like any sounds, slipping, shifting issues, or other problems that can indicate that something is going on with the transmission.

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