Selling A Wrecked Car To A Junk Car Buyer? 4 Factors That Determine Your Vehicle's Value

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Is your dilapidated vehicle worth anything in the market? Whether your car looks too old or was previously involved in a nasty accident, you will be delighted to know that you can get some cash out of it. If you are planning to engage a junk car dealer, you might be eager to learn how much you'll make from the sale. The following are things that determine the value of junk cars.

1. The Year the Car Was Manufactured

You are probably junking your vehicle due to its old age. The age of a vehicle determines its resale value even in the junkyard market. The older a car is, the more likely it will fetch a lower price tag. But there's a catch; rare-to-find classics that were mostly manufactured on limited editions can fetch a high price despite being old. It's important to estimate what the junk car dealer will offer so you'll know how to negotiate. Don't let the car sit in your yard any longer because its value might reduce with age.

2. Vehicle Condition

Like age, the condition of a vehicle plays an integral role in determining its value in the market. A car wrecked in a terrible accident will likely fetch less money than a vehicle with a few parking dents. Also, the junk car dealer will want to know whether the vehicle is roadworthy.

You might have more bargaining power if you can drive it to the junkyard. The junk car dealer will have the upper hand if it has to be towed. Generally, cars in excellent condition have a higher value.

3. Salvageable Components

As earlier discussed, junk car buyers buy vehicles to source spare parts. Your vehicle might have rare parts such as rims, doors, and tires, that fetch a good price in the spare part industry. If your car was once high-end, it might provide a good source for spare parts. In that case, your vehicle will sell at a reasonable price.

4. Distance From the Pick-Up Point to the Junkyard

You should look for junkyards near your location. The distance from your preferred pick-up point to a junkyard will determine the overall price of the vehicle you are selling. The goal is to choose a junkyard near the pick-up point so the junk car dealer will not factor in transportation or towing costs when considering the offer.

When negotiating with the junk car buyer, keep these factors at the back of your head. Use the information to secure a good deal and get a reasonable amount for your wrecked or old vehicle. For more information about selling a junk car for cash, contact a local business.