Auto Services: Ways To Tell That Your Car Radiator Is Faulty

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It's common knowledge that when a car engine runs, it emits heat. When your engine is exposed to heat for a long time, it can affect its proper operation. However, there is a radiation and cooling system that ensures it doesn't overheat. At some point, it might develop problems, leading to significant damage to the engine. This is how to tell if you have radiator issues.

Coolant Pooling Under Your Vehicle While It's Parked

If your car leaks coolant after parking it for a while, you likely have a clog within the radiator. When this happens, rust will form inside the unit, causing cracks in the housing. Such cracks are the reason behind the coolant leaking. Remember that rust will form in yours when you don't regularly add distilled water or you frequently use poor-quality coolant. Failing to flush the radiator will eventually damage the tank. Fixing this problem as quickly as possible will help you prevent expensive engine repairs.

There's Blockage On The Fins

When the external radiator fins accumulate debris, they can block proper airflow to the system. The issue with having clogged fins is that it limits the coolant from cooling down properly. If this is why yours has issues, you can remove the contaminants by cleaning them with a garden hose.

You May Have Damage To The Water Pump

When your radiator has a blockage, the circulation of the coolant will be restricted. The role of the pump is to make sure that there is proper circulation of the coolant within your system. If there is a clog, the water pump will work harder than usual to ensure there are no obstacles along the path of the coolant. A failing or damaged water pump is a problem that should be handled by an engine repair technician.

The Heating Device Located In Passenger Cabin Remains Cool

The heater in the passenger area depends on the passage of coolant over the heater core before the blower fan circulates the air. When your system has a clog, the hot coolant doesn't reach the core of the heating system to keep the cabin warm. Understand that the issue can still arise if you have a faulty thermostat. So, ensure that you call an engine repair expert to inspect your car and determine whether the cooling system is probably the start of your problem.

By paying attention to the signs of a failing radiator, you can prolong your engine's lifespan. This guide has shared the telltale signs to keep in mind. For more information, contact a company like Hillside Imports.