Oil Change Requirements For Your Vehicle

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A motor's piston assembly creates friction while in motion. This friction results in mechanical parts heating up. Oil protects a motor. An oil change is an essential part of a vehicle's maintenance plan. The information below will provide you with some insight on what to expect during an oil change and ways to care for your vehicle in between service appointments.

Old Oil

Oil that isn't changed frequently will become dirty and lose some of its protective properties. Oil that needs to be changed may not provide an adequate buffer that will allow mechanical parts to move seamlessly. It will not be as effective at preventing a motor from overheating. At worst, a vehicle's motor may seize. This is usually a result of not enough oil being circulated.

Motor Oil Varieties And Change Requirements

Standard, synthetic, high-performance, and multi-blend oil products are sold at an automotive shop. The type of vehicle that you own and the number of miles that you drive may influence which oil variety your mechanic recommends that you use. Some products have a lower evaporative loss and are better suited for use in hot or cold climates.

The frequency that your vehicle will need to receive an oil change can be affected by the type of oil that you choose for your vehicle. If you do not drive often or if you purchase a high-performance oil product, you may not need to have your car serviced as often as if you were to drive a lot and rely upon the use of a standard oil product.

An Inspection And An Oil Change

Before your mechanic changes the oil in your vehicle, they will take a reading of the oil dipstick and will perform a visual inspection. These steps will indicate if the oil within the oil reservoir is dirty and may uncover an oil leak or another issue that could potentially hinder the performance of your vehicle.

While your vehicle is elevated on a lift, the oil pan will be removed and emptied. A mechanic will dispose of the oil and will replace the oil filter. Several quarts of new oil will be added to the oil reservoir. Upon the completion of your appointment, you will be given a mileage estimate to refer to.

When your vehicle's odometer reading matches the estimate, it will be time for you to have the oil in your car changed again. Checking your oil regularly and replenishing oil as needed will help keep your car maintained between professional oil changes. 

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