What Is Done During An Auto Brake Pad Replacement?

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You might have noticed a tell-tale squealing noise coming from the brake and tire area of your vehicle, so you might be ready to take your car to a brake shop for an auto brake pad replacement sometime soon. This is smart, of course, and you might not be thinking about putting off your brake pad replacement because you might know just how important it is. However, you could be wondering what will be done during the process. These are some of the steps that your technician should take.

Removing the Tires

The first thing that your auto brake replacement technician will probably do is remove the tires from the front or back of the vehicle, depending on which set of brakes you are replacing. This can make it possible for them to get a better look at your brake pads so they can determine if they do, in fact, need to be replaced. Plus, it's the first step that they will need to take when replacing your brake pads.

Acquire the Brake Pads for Your Vehicle

Many brake shops keep all sorts of different brake pads on hand since they want to be prepared to change the brakes on just about any vehicle that a customer might bring in. If they don't have the right brakes for your car, then they might order them. Luckily, many auto repair shops work with auto parts stores that will bring parts directly to their shop throughout the day, so you shouldn't have to worry about waiting too long for the brakes to arrive and for your car's brake pads to be changed.

Remove the Brake Pads

Of course, your existing brake pads will have to be removed so that your new ones can be put on. The technician will have to remove bolts, move your brake calipers out of the way, and slide the brake pads off. Then, they can replace them with your new brake pads.

Check the Other Components

Hopefully, if you haven't been driving your car with worn-out brake pads for too long, then you shouldn't have to worry about your rotors or other braking components being damaged. However, the technician should check the other components of your braking system, as well as your brake fluid levels, just to make sure.

Testing Your Brakes

Lastly, the person who performs your auto brake pad replacement should test out your brakes after the replacement is done. Then, you should feel confident and safe when you leave the repair shop since you shouldn't have to worry about your new brake pads not being installed properly or not working like they are supposed to.

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