Signs That Your Car Is Having Transmission Problems And Needs A Repair

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The transmission of your vehicle keeps your car going at the right speed at the right time. It works to shift the gears on your car, allowing you to go in reverse, accelerate or slow down as you are driving. When your transmission is starting to have problems, it may feel like you are pressing the gas, but you aren't going anywhere. You might find transmission fluid on the ground in your driveway, or the transmission warning light could be lit on your dashboard. Any fluid that you find on your driveway that has leaked from your car should be investigated, and all warning lights should be dealt with at an auto repair shop. When you ignore problems with your transmission, they only get bigger.

Problems Shifting Gears

If your transmission doesn't have enough fluid or is starting to fail, you may have trouble getting your car into gear. Even when you have an automatic transmission, you still need to put your car into drive from park or into reverse. When the gear shift is more difficult than normal to move, it is usually a problem with your transmission.

Delayed Engagement

Delayed engagement occurs when you put your car into a new gear, such as reverse, and it takes your car a few seconds to start moving. Delayed engagement can be barely noticeable, or it can take so long that it is clear something is wrong with your transmission. If you put your car into gear and it doesn't go right away, you need to bring your vehicle to auto repair services and have your transmission checked out.

Poor Acceleration When Driving

Poor acceleration can be due to a lack of power, trouble switching gears and the transmission, or even from a hole in your exhaust system. If you are pressing the gas but your car takes a longer time than normal to accelerate, you will need to bring your car to an auto repair shop for further diagnostics. Sometimes the issue is easy to fix, such as when there is a hole in your exhaust. Other times it can mean you need a new transmission, a costly repair no matter where you get the work done.

If your car is showing signs of transmission problems, don't wait for a repair. You may be able to get your transmission fixed instead of replaced, a much cheaper option when you don't ignore the problem.