4 Tune Up Tips To Preserve Your Car As It Begins To Age And Get More Miles

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If you want your car to be reliable for many years to come, maintenance is important. Part of routine maintenance includes changing the oil, brake jobs, and tire care. As your car begins to get older, you will want to have a general tune-up done and inspect it for problems that need to be repaired. The following tips will help you with tune-ups to preserve your car's value and ensure it remains reliable:

1. Maintaining Oil and Other Fluids That Lubricate Parts of Your Car

Changing oil and maintaining other fluids is an important part of routine maintenance. First, you want to check the levels of power steering, brake, and transmission fluids regularly. In addition, when you do a tune-up, you will want to change the coolant and other fluids that are dirty or have degraded.

2. Care for Brake and Suspension Parts That Wear and Need to Be Replaced

Brakes are other components of your car that need regular maintenance. In addition to regularly having the pads changed when they wear, you will also want to occasionally check the brake fluid levels and inspect lines for leaks and other problems that need to be repaired. It is also important to inspect suspension parts like rubber bushings that can wear out and will eventually need to be replaced as part of routine maintenance.

3. Change All the Filters, and Inspect Belts for Wear and Replace Them If Necessary

There are also many filters that need to be changed when you do a tune-up. You want to change the air, oil, and fuel filters regularly to reduce the wear of your car and ensure optimal performance.

In addition, regularly inspect the belts for signs of wear and have them replaced when needed. Changing belts before they break can prevent serious damage to your car.

4. Replace Plugs, Wires and Any Rubber Hoses That Have Worn or Have Visible Cracking

Another part of a routine tune-up should be changing the plugs and wires. When you change the spark plugs and wires, you will also want to check other wiring, hoses and rubber parts for wear. Replace any rubber or plastic parts when they show signs of wear, such as cracking or flaking material.

These are some tune-up tips to help preserve your car's value and ensure it remains valuable for years to come. If you need help with maintenance and repairs, contact a tune up service for help with some of these needs.