Why You Should Have Your Windshield Replaced As Soon As You Can

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A cracked or smashed windshield never seems to happen at a convenient time. If the damage is on the passenger side or if you can't afford repairs, you may be tempted to ignore it for as long as possible until you can get around to taking the car to the shop. However, it's always best to repair the damage or opt for windshield replacement as quickly as you can. Here's why.

Damaged Glass Obstructs Your View

The main reason you want to fix the glass or replace the windshield as soon as you can is because the crack can be distracting or obstruct your view. Even a small chip can be bothersome if it is in your line of sight. Plus, when it rains or when the sun hits the glass, the visual disturbance can be worse. The distraction or obstruction caused by the damage can make you unsafe on the road, so getting repairs quickly is important for your safety.

Driving With A Damaged Windshield Might Be Illegal

Laws vary by state, but it's possible that it's illegal to drive your car with a cracked or chipped windshield. Even if the damage is small, if it is directly above the steering wheel in your line of vision, you might get a ticket for driving your car with the damage. If you get a ticket, you might be forced to replace the windshield in a certain number of days. If you're putting off repairs because you can't afford them, it might be best to hold off driving your car to avoid getting a ticket.

An Intact Windshield Protects You In A Crash

A car windshield is two pieces of glass with a vinyl resin layer between them. This vinyl layer is what holds the glass together when it is smashed or cracked. Once the vinyl is damaged, it can no longer support the glass. That means the glass is at risk of failing or being damaged further. Normally, the windshield is very strong and plays an important role in your protection. It helps support the roof of your car so the roof doesn't cave in if your car rolls. With a damaged windshield, you are at a higher risk of injury if you are in an accident.

If your windshield needs work, call your insurance company to check your coverage. You might be able to have it replaced at no cost to you. When you're ready to have the work done, a mobile repair truck may be able to come to your home to do the job or you can have your car towed to the shop. Timely repairs keep you safe on the road and allow you to drive without constant worry and irritation over a crack bothering your view.