3 Things To Know About Insurance & Repairing Your Windshield

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If your windshield is damaged, you may want to put a call into your auto insurance company. Your insurance company can help you take care of the cost of fixing or replacing your windshield.

#1 Comprehensive Coverage Covers Your Windshield

If you carry comprehensive coverage on your windshield, the cost of fixing your windshield will be covered by your insurance. You will be required to pay your comprehensive deductible amount first, but anything over that amount will be covered by your insurance. If you have a high comprehensive deductible, you may want to pay for the repair out of pocket. If you have a lower comprehensive deductible, it may make sense to have your insurance pay to fix your windshield.

Many insurance companies also run programs that allow you to skip paying the deductible for replacing and repairing your windshield. A properly fixed windshield can save you from getting into an accident and can save your insurance company from dealing with more expensive claims, which is why many insurance companies waive the deductible for replacing your windshield.

#2 Windshield Specific Coverage

Some insurance companies allow you to add windshield-specific coverage to your policy. This is a great addition to your policy if you only have liability coverage on your vehicle. Windshield specific coverage policies are generally relatively low-cost and allow you to get your window fixed or replaced at little to no cost. See if your insurance company offers this option so you have an easy way to fix your windshield should it ever become cracked.

Other insurance companies offer windshield repair as part of their road-side assistance package. There are multiple ways to get your insurance to pay for fixing your window without carrying comprehensive coverage on your vehicle.

#3 Glass Company Will Bill Your Auto Insurance

Most glass companies will work you with to get your insurance to pay for the auto glass repair. They will take all of your insurance information, and submit the bill for getting your window fixed directly to your insurance company. They will deal with the hassle of working with your insurance company for you. Be sure to provide the glass dealership with a copy of your insurance card and any other relevant information they will need for dealing with your insurance company. You should also call your insurance company and let them know why your windshield cracked and where you are getting it repaired at. This will help get your claim started, and will make it easier for the glass company to submit a bill to your insurance provider.