4 Common Signs That Your Vehicle's Transmission Is In Need Of Repairs

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Next to the engine, a vehicle's transmission is one of the most important parts in an automobile. In addition to being responsible for shifting the gears in a car, the transmission also transmits energy to the drive train to help put the car in motion. As one of the most important parts in a vehicle, it is not surprising that replacing a transmission is typically quite expensive. Luckily, in many cases a transmission can be repaired if its problem is discovered and taken care of early. Some of the most common signs that your vehicle's transmission is in need of repair include:

Rough Shifting

After owning a vehicle for a while, you get used to how it drives and handles. If you begin to notice that your car buckles, shudders, or shakes when you change gears from park to drive or reverse, you most likely have a transmission problem that needs to be repaired. Don't ignore rough shifting in your vehicle—the problem will only get worse, not better, and you can do a lot of damage to your car if you continue to drive it without getting your transmission repaired.

Vehicle Does Not Respond

Another common sign of a transmission problem is a car that does not respond and begin moving when the gas pedal is pressed. If you shift from park to reverse or drive and your vehicle does not immediately move when you press the gas pedal, this is usually an indication that the transmission is not properly transmitting power to the drive train.

Slipping Gears

When a transmission is slipping gears while in motion the vehicle may feel like it has a mind of its own. This can be very scary, as your car may hesitate or buckle while you are driving since the transmission is unable to properly change gears. In addition to being scary, slipping gears can be very dangerous. Your vehicle may lose the ability to accelerate properly, which can cause major problems if you are driving at high speeds on the highway. If your vehicle begins slipping gears, the best thing you can do is get off the road as soon as possible and have your transmission looked at by an experienced mechanic.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

The transmission needs transmission fluid to keep all of its parts properly lubricated and prevent the part from overheating. If you have a transmission fluid leak, transmission fluid levels can become low and cause significant damage to the transmission. Any time your vehicle is leaking fluids, especially transmission fluid, it is important to visit an auto repair shop, such as Integrity Transmission & Auto Service Center, as soon as possible.