Gifts For The Car Challenged

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You undoubtedly have at least one person in your family or list of friends who is hopeless with vehicles. They've never checked their oil or put air in their tires even once in their lives. They are intimately familiar with breakdowns but not with the solutions.You fear that if they drive more than a few miles, they might become stranded. A thoughtful gift from you can help solve this issue.


Some people just shouldn't have traditional jumper cables. The risk that they will apply the cables improperly and blow up the battery is real. Instead, give them an interior charger that plugs into the cigarette lighter. This method will take approximately ten minutes and has the advantage of allowing them to stay inside a locked car if the area looks deserted or is otherwise dangerous. These chargers are small and easy to use. Since there is no way to mess up the procedure, even your most hopeless friend can effectively employ it.

Emergency Kit

Putting together an emergency kit for your mechanically challenged friends or relatives is another excellent way to help keep them safe. Get a case and stock it with items such as antifreeze, oil, a tire pressure gauge, a tire inflator, and possibly some roadside flairs. You can go wild and add a few tools and a first aid kit as well. Imagine every possible vehicle emergency situation that you can and add items that will help your friend to survive their vehicle issue.

Automobile Club Membership

One of the best gifts you can give to a vehicle-challenged person is a membership to an auto club. Most of these organizations are happy to sell these packages for special occasions, and their services include 24/7 roadside assistance that applies to whatever vehicle the driver is in. Sometimes a tow to the mechanic is the best gift anyone can get. Most also include other perks, but most importantly, these clubs give their members a level of safety and service that make driving much less perilous. If you belong to such a club already, chances are you can get a discount of some kind by giving such a gift.

When you provide your clueless friends with these driving protections, you probably are helping yourself as well. You no longer will have to drag yourself off the sofa to rescue them from a flat tire or dead battery. If you are the clueless one, give yourself these gifts. Either way, your friends will thank you for it. Click here for more information.