Don't Be In For An Auto Repair Shock ~ Understanding The Importance Of Shock Absorber Repairs And Replacements

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Replacing the shock absorbers on your vehicle may be one repair that you have not had because you may not realize how important it is. Perhaps you have grown accustomed to performing your own minor vehicle repairs or had a trusted friend or relative perform them; however, if those repairs are mainly focused on things such as oil and coolant changes, you could be at risk for damages to your vehicle. This is why it is sensible to understand the important role that shock absorbers play when it comes to proper vehicle performance. 

Purpose of Shock Absorbers

This part of your vehicle is an integral part of smooth handling. A combination of intact springs and shock absorbers will create the ideal driving conditions for your vehicle. When shock absorbers work properly, they keep the tires of vehicles in contact with roadways, and the result is a smooth ride that is able to absorb the vibrations and bumps you may encounter. 

Types of Shock Absorbers

Conventional Type - This is a common type of shock absorber which may be located on the suspension systems of vehicles. It is usually replaced when it wears out.

Strut Type - This type of shock absorber may be used on vehicles that will be involved in rugged handling conditions. It comes in two styles. One is a style that can be repaired, and the other style is designed to be replaced when the absorbers become worn out. 

Spring Type - The design of this option requires shock absorbers to be replaced when they are worn. You will likely find this type of shock absorber design on vehicles that have all-in-one suspension systems. 

Things That Can Cause Premature Wear

Rough driving, such as running over potholes rather than exercising care, can cause the shock absorbers on your vehicle to wear out sooner than expected. Even with cautious driving, shock absorbers will eventually need to be replaced. They naturally undergo a variety of strain on roadways while serving their intended purpose, which is to absorb some of the impact and shock that your vehicle may encounter. Think of the shock absorbers as protective mechanisms for your suspension system. Without the absorbers, you would run the risk of a costlier fix such as replacing your vehicle's entire suspension system. 

If you notice that your vehicle starts operating in a "bouncy" way when turning corners, hitting a rut in the road, or braking, there is a strong chance that your shock absorbers may need to be replaced. An auto repair service is a good resource to use to determine whether one or all of your shock absorbers need replacing.