3 Myths All Towing Pros Should Know

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Do you consider yourself a pro when it comes to towing? The truth is, you can never know enough information when it comes to the best practices and rules of towing. Whether you are towing as a profession or for entertainment, it is crucial to understand all the rules of the road. The following are some common myths about towing that the most experienced towing professional may be unaware of:

Myth: Aftermarket Suspension Can Increase Towing Capacity

One of the first rules of towing is not to tow anything above the recommended payload of your towing vehicle. This is true even if you purchase aftermarket suspension kits. However, you can gain better stabilizing effects with these products. You will be able to handle your towing vehicle more easily, eliminate swaying, and level your vehicle when you are loaded.

Myth: You Can Guesstimate Your Tongue Weight

One of the most common causes of hitch failure is exceeding the tongue weight on your trailer. You should never simply estimate your tongue weight by lifting the tongue of the trailer. Instead, consider installing a weight distribution system. This can help you ensure that your load is distributed easily on all axles so that you do not go over the tongue weight. Placing too much weight at the front of the trailer can cause too much weight on the tongue. If you have too little tongue weight because your load is not evenly distributed, you will encounter swaying while you are towing. If you do not know your tongue weight, consult the manufacturer of your trailer to be certain, and do not exceed it.

Myth: You Do Not Need To Maintain Trailer Bearings

This is also inaccurate. Trailer bearings must be cleaned regularly. They should be greased on an annual basis and inspected regularly. Bearings that are not maintained are subjected to deterioration and can lead to wheel bearing failure, which can mean a broken down trailer while you are towing.

Trailer bearings are located in the wheel assembly. Keeping them maintained will keep the trailer riding smoothly and reduce friction and premature wear on the axles.

Whether you are towing heavy equipment or a travel trailer, you should always keep maintenance in mind. You should also consider having your towing vehicle maintained on a regular basis to ensure that the weight ratings fall within its manufacturer's tow ratings. Taking these precautions can help ensure you will not have a trailer breakdown while you are traveling and will also prevent any unnecessary frustration. For more information, get in touch with a company like Crouse Body Shop Inc.