3 Warning Signs Your Car Needs A Transmission Repair

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One of the last things you will want to do to is to get stranded on the side of the road.  This can create a dangerous situation for you. It's ideal to keep your car in good shape at all the time. One way to do this is by ensuring your transmission is in good running order. This is a vital component of your car and is necessary for your vehicle to run well at all times. By knowing some of the warning signs that strongly indicate your car is in need of a transmission repair, this may ward off potentially expensive repairs.

Warning Sign #1: Problems changing gears

One of the first signs you may notice when going down the road is that your car is having problems shifting gears. This is an instant indication that something is wrong with the transmission. 

However, there could be simple fixes that won't cost a lot when this happens. For instance, there could be dirt or debris that is clogging up the area around the transmission. It's also possible that your transmission may be low on fluid and simply needs to be refilled.

Warning Sign #2: Burning smell

When you pull into your garage, do you smell something burning coming from your car? If so, this is sure to alert you that something is wrong, and the heated scent could mean that the fluid in your transmission is too low, or you're completely out of it.

Be sure to check to see if you need more transmission fluid put in your vehicle to help you avoid the transmission blowing up, which could be a real expense.

Warning Sign #3: Warning light indicators

If you see any of the lights come on your dashboard, this is a sign that you may have a transmission problem. You should always pay attention to any of the lights that appear because this indicates there is usually some issue that must be dealt with promptly.

Some vehicles have a warning light that will come on when the car gets heated. This could be a sign that your transmission is low on fluid and needs to be refilled. 

Taking the time to look for signs is an ideal way for you to address these problems quickly and avoid costly repairs later. Be sure to consult with an auto service repair company like B G & S Transmissions if you feel your transmission needs to be checked.