3 Tips To Keep Your Car's Paint Job Looking Newer For Longer

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When it comes to cars, few things can beat the fresh, shiny paint job on a brand new vehicle. However, you probably already expect for your paint job to look less than new in just a few short months -- if not before then. It's true that you probably can't keep your car's paint job looking like new forever, but following these tips can help keep your car looking nicer for longer.

1. Have a Protective Coating Added

There are a few different protective coating options that you can opt for to use on your vehicle. Ask someone at the dealership about having a protective coating sprayed on your car before you bring it home -- this can be a great option for protecting the factory paint job, and if you have it done at the dealership, you won't have to worry about it affecting your warranty. Some body shops and detailing shops also offer options that can help protect your paint job from the elements. Talk with a professional, like Sterling Service Inc, for more information.

2. Park it in the Right Place

Be careful where you park your car to help prevent dents, dings, and other issues. In a busy parking lot, you might want to park further away, where you won't have to worry as much about cars parking all around you. When parking at home, keep your car in a garage or carport, if this is an option. If it isn't, then consider parking your vehicle further away from any trees, since limbs, pine cones, and other things that fall from the trees could cause dents and scratches.

3. Keep it Clean

As if you need one more reason to keep your new car clean, you should know that doing so can help preserve the paint job. Tree sap, bird droppings, road brine, and other debris can cause fading and other damage to your paint job. Even dust and debris can leave scratches. Washing your car often -- or taking it to a detailing shop to have the job done -- can help keep your car looking shiny and new. Plus, you'll be more likely to notice any imperfections when you are washing your car or when it is nice and clean, which means that you can have them repaired more quickly. This can make the difference between minor chips spreading or dents and other damage rusting, so it's important to have any paint job problems tended to as soon as possible.