3 Tips For Going Green With Your Car To Help The Environment

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If you are an eco-friendly person, you likely do many things that help the environment, such as recycling, watching how much water you use, turning off lights, and more. You can also help the environment by going green with your car. Three ways you can do this are listed below.

Get Regular Maintenance

Most people know that a car needs to have regular maintenance to keep it running, but if you stick to a regular schedule it is good for the environment.  Make sure you give your car oil changes, have properly inflated tires, and replace air filters when needed. All of this can reduce your car's fuel consumption and emissions.  Even if your car is driving with no problem, it still needs this regular maintenance.

Ask the mechanic to check your brake pads to see if they are made of copper, as copper can affect the environment. If your brake pads are made from this, ask the mechanic to change them to pads that a have little copper in them.

Wash Your Car the Right Way

If you use a lot of water while washing your car, then a drive-thru car wash is better for the environment. For example, if you spray the hose the entire time while you are washing your car, that wastes a lot of water. On the other hand, if you simply fill up a bucket full of water, add soap and wash your car with a sponge, then you are much better off washing your car at home. If you do choose a car wash, find one that recycles the water.

Recycle Motor Oil

If you change your car's oil at home, you need to be sure that the oil is disposed of in the right way so it does not harm the environment.  You can do this by recycling the oil. When you finish changing the oil, use a funnel to pour the old oil into a leak proof plastic container that has a lid that fits tightly, and then put a "used oil" label on the bottle. Something like a plastic milk jug works well for this purpose. Other fluids can also be recycled, including brake, transmission, and power steering. All of these have to be in separate containers.

Find a collection center in your area to bring the oil to. If you cannot find one, call an automotive service company in your area and ask if they can recycle the oil, as well as any other fluids, for you.

Another way you can go green, as well as save a lot of money, is to carpool with someone. This will reduce the wear and tear on every vehicle. For more information, talk to a professional like Hudson Goodyear.