3 Improvements To Reduce RV Weight And Improve Road Performance And Fuel Economy

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If you have an RV or are planning on buying one, you can plan on spending a lot of money on fuel when you travel. This is due to the extra weight of an RV as well as the size. To improve fuel economy, you may want to take weight off from wherever possible, which can also help with performance and handling. Here are some improvements that can help you take the pounds off your RV:

1. Take Weight Off With Exterior Improvements

There are many exterior improvements that you may want to consider for your RV to take the weight off. This can start with replacing metal body parts for carbon fiber materials that are a fraction of the weight. You may also want to consider replacing steel wheels with alloys that weigh less and help to take the pounds of your RV. If you have features like a ladder to access the roof, consider replacing it with light materials to help bring the overall vehicle weight down.

2. Using Lightweight Materials To Design The Interior

Using lightweight materials can be a good way to design the interior of your RV. This can be in many different areas, such as for framing for things like beds and other features. If you have wood materials, look for aluminum or alloy materials that can weigh less. You may also want to consider replacing things like cabinet doors with materials that weight less and can help reduce the road weight of your vehicle. You may also want to consider doing this for features like canopies or storage compartments in your RV.

3. Use Renewable Energy To Save Gas And Cut Heavy Loads

Many RVs have relied on gas generators when there is no electricity available. This can be costly when it comes to buying fuel for your energy needs. A gas generator can also add a lot of extra weight to your vehicle. As an alternative, you may want to consider an alternative like solar energy to produce power. This can be done with features like a solar roof membrane installed on the roof of your RV. In addition, you can look for lightweight batteries to store the electricity.

These are some improvements that you may want to consider to take the weight off your RV and improve gas mileage and handling. If you are ready to start improving your vehicle, contact an RV repair service, such as Auto-Truck Services Inc, and talk with them about doing some of these improvements.