Tips To Reduce Your Vehicle Tire Costs

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Vehicle tires can be incredibly expensive to replace. A single tire can cost you an average of $70 to $150. This means a full set of tires can cost you as much as $600. If this is just too much to spend at once, then keep reading to learn about some tips that will keep your tire replacement costs down.

Buy At Least Two

If you cannot afford to purchase four new tires for your vehicle, then purchase at least two. If you purchase an odd number of tires, then you will end up with a single tire with a tread that is different from the rest. If the tread on this tire is higher, then it will increase traction only where that tire is located. The other three tires can then slip and cause the car to fishtail, hydroplane, or spin as the single tire stops in place. If one tire has a lower tread, then it will cause your car to slide and veer to the right or left. Also, a single tire with a variable tread can cause the other three tire treads to wear down more quickly due to balance and pressure changes.

It is wise to have at least two tires replaced for more balanced traction. New tires also should be installed along the rear of the vehicle. Rear tire traction is more important than front traction. Specifically, this will allow the car to handle better, grip wet surfaces, and evacuate water away from the vehicle. While front tires with deeper tread will help you to stop your car quicker and straighter, general handling and gripping capabilities are more important when it comes to vehicle safety and maneuverability, so make sure the tires are placed on the back of the car. 

Find Used Varieties

If you want to purchase four tires instead of two, then you can buy used tires. This is an eco-friendly choice, since many old tires end up in landfills if they are not reused. Used tires come from dealers and tire shops most often. Some come from trade-in vehicles that are given new tires before they are sold. Others come from tire shops after an individual upgrades to winter or high-grip varieties.

Used tires are generally quite a bit cheaper than new ones. If you want to buy used varieties, make sure to find ones that do not have crack damage across the sidewalls. This indicates dry rot and tires that are likely to fail relatively soon. Also, you want to find tires that have matching treads that are as deep as possible. These tires will last the longest. Look at any dates that are listed on the tire too. Try to pick the ones that are the newest, because old rubber will dry out and crack sooner than new rubber. 

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