4 Signs You Need New Brakes

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The brakes on your vehicle play an important role. Without the proper brakes, you can be faced with a potential car accident that can not only cause damage but can also prove to be fatal. This is why you should keep up with replacing your brakes when it is necessary. When you avoid the task, your brakes become more and more worn causing you to have to brake harder and sooner every time. Here are four signs that you need new brakes:  

  1. Pushing the Brake Pedal to the Floor: One dangerous sign that your brakes need to be replaced along with the braking fluid is when you have to press the brake pedal all the way to the floor. At this point, you should not be driving the vehicle anywhere since brake responsiveness can be so slow that you are not able to brake in time when you need to. 
  2. Pulling to a Certain Side: When you brake and your car begins to shift to a certain side over the other, it's a sign that brake wear is uneven. This can also indicate that the brake fluid is dirty and needs to be changed. At this point, you should not be driving your vehicle because of the fact that when you pull to a certain side, you can be forced into another vehicle's lane, causing you to crash into them.
  3. Grinding Sound: When you brake your vehicle and you notice a grinding sound, this means that your brakes are wearing down significantly. Instead of the brake pads coming in contact with the rotors that stop your vehicle from moving, the metal underneath the pads are grinding against the metal on the surface of the rotors, which is what causes this noise to happen. Be sure to replace your brakes as soon as you notice this noise to ensure that you are braking quickly and efficiently and to ensure that the rotors do not become damaged. Replacing your brakes is much more affordable than having to replace both your rotors and your brakes. 
  4. Vibrating: If your car is vibrating when you brake, this is likely because you need new brakes. The reason your car is vibrating is because the brakes aren't effectively coming into contact with the rotors, which means that your vehicle is not coming to a clean and even stop. 

When you know these four signs that you need new brakes, you can be sure that you are able to be aware and notice when you need to take action immediately. Contact a local brake service, such as Alignment Center, for further assistance.