Auto AC Refrigerant: How It Works And How It Is Repaired

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There are many components to a normal auto air conditioning system. Things can go wrong at any point: from the compressor, to the evaporator, to the condenser. Of course, some things are cheaper and easier to fix than others. It might cost a couple hundred dollars just to have your system inspected and diagnosed. However, it is often the only way to fix the problem. The most common problem area within an auto AC system is the refrigerant. This article explains the importance of maintaining your refrigerant levels and pressure. It also explains how faulty refrigerant systems are repaired by professionals. It will allow you to understand this complicated system and ensure that you get a fair deal when getting it repaired or serviced.

What Refrigerant Does

If you have a refrigerant leak, your car may fail to produce any cold air at all. The refrigerant transfers heat from the evaporator to the condenser. The flow and pressurization of the refrigerant is regulated and powered by the compressor. This is why the compressor is another part of the AC system that often needs to be repaired. If the compressor fails, the refrigerant will obviously not work well. If your refrigerant needs to be repaired and your compressor needs to be replaced, the project can get pricey.

Fixing Normal Leaks

In most cases the refrigerant lines will have a small leak that leads to reduced pressure. The end result is a refrigerant that does not flow efficiently and a compressor that needs to work harder. This leads to warm air blowing into your car. Professionals use special dyes to detect refrigerant leaks. They spray it onto the lines and inspect it to see if it reacts to the leaked refrigerant. If there is a leak, the technician will first drain all of the refrigerant out of the lines and flush them. Then, the damaged  line will be replaced or patched. At this point the new refrigerant is added to the lines to restore the factory pressure.

Letting Licensed Pros Handle the Refrigerant

Refilling the refrigerant in your AC lines is probably the easiest job for professionals to do. That being said, it is not a DIY project for most car owners. Many cars, especially older ones, use freon as a refrigerant within the AC lines. Freon is is a hazardous liquid that you need a license to handle. Many modern cars use a less hazardous type of refrigerant, but it is still safer to let professionals refill your refrigerant. Auto repair stores have the license and training to safely handle and dispose of the refrigerant.

You AC will remain cold and effective if you understand the basic function of the refrigerant and when to get it repaired. Contact a business, such as Auto Air Clinic Inc, for more information.